Who Was That Girl?

Who was that girl who dated the first guy that took interest in her pretty much EVERY SINGLE TIME?

Who was that girl that focused solely on her goals and didn’t concern herself with fear?

Who was that girl that binge ate out of spite when she was with the boyfriend who was overly concerned with her weight?

Who was that girl that ran because she loved how free it made her feel and ate what made her feel energized?

Who was that girl who overindulged in alcohol, usually way more than everyone else, when having a night in with friends?

Who was that sober girl who always felt empowered and in control of her destiny?

Who was that girl who obsessed over every unattainable guy in her life?

Who was that girl who focused on and excelled in whatever she put her mind to?

Who was that girl who made herself miserable comparing her current life with the one she imagined for herself?

Who is that girl who feels peaceful knowing she is exactly where she is supposed to be?

Who was that girl who blamed herself for every unsavory thing that happened to her?

Who was that girl who broke free of old shame producing lies and started tapping in, in a way she could never have imagined? 

Who was that girl who was so concerned with being wrong and looking stupid that she didn’t open her mouth?

Who is that girl who speaks up for herself and those she loves? Who gives voice when one might not otherwise exist?

That was me. That was me. That IS me.